Working for us

Working for Care in the Vale

‘Living the Values’ has consequences for the way we work and for what it is like to work for Care in the Vale. What are those consequences?

Our approach is to have ‘leaders’ rather than ‘managers’. Leaders liberate their staff, managers control them. All staff are therefore freed from restrictive control and are trusted to be wise decision makers. No one likes being ‘micro managed’ and that is just not our style. 

We see much potential in people and staff are  encouraged to express and develop their talents. They are also encouraged to be creative in their solutions – and to share their creativity with others.  This also means that there are greater rewards – and greater job satisfaction.  Crucially though, staff need to be the sort of people who can put our Care in the Vale’s values into practice. It is on this basis that we decide who to employ.

If you feel that you can rise to the challenge of being a liberated decision-maker, and that you share the Care in the Vale values, please contact us to discuss the opportunities available. 

Alternatively you can download our application pack or you can send your CV to: